Woodford Training Centre – A History of Satisfied Students

At the Woodford Training Centre, we believe that your success is our success. That’s why we’re always happy to share the stories of our graduates who have gone on to fulfill their dreams of becoming professional hairstylists and aestheticians.

Below you will find a couple of testimonials from some of our satisfied students. We would also love to hear from you, so please contact us to tell us about your experiences.

Achieving Goals

“I set my goals on my first day of class in September of 2002 with WTC's Hairstylist Program:

  • To have perfect attendance
  • To represent Newfoundland at the Skills Canada National competition

Both these goals were met and I received a scholarship for attendance from WTC and won a bronze medal for all of Canada from Skills Canada in Ontario June, 2003.

Today I enrolled in WTC's Aesthetics program. I've just won the Gold Medal at the Provincial Skills Competition and will represent Newfoundland in Saskatoon in June 2007. This school offered me great opportunities and personal support from my instructors during my extended training. Expect to see me owning a spa/salon in the near future! Thanks, WTC!” - Julie R, Student

Treated Like Family

“The instructors are like family. They don't just give you knowledge – they give you confidence in your work and yourself.” - Linda W, Student

Opened My Eyes to the Possibilities

"My time spent at the Woodford Training Centre opened my eyes to the possibilities that were available in this industry. This is your own business and it can be as lucrative as you would like to make it. This career is continually inspiring and the earning potential is unlimited." - Stephanie R, National Redken Artist and Winner of the 2013 Redken Cover Competition

Growing More and More Each Day

“Since day one as a student at WTC in 2011 I knew I wanted to be an above-average hairstylist. With the help and training of the instructors and my present coworkers, I have pursued my goals. I placed gold in the provincial Skills Canada competition followed by representing NL in the National Skills Canada Competition in Edmonton. Just a couple months after enrolling at WTC, I started working at one of the best salons in St. John’s – The Headroom. Later, I was the granted the opportunity of working for Canada’s #1 color company, Redken. Now I’m on the floor full time, seeing my clientele and income grow more and more each day. My advice for future students: hard work and dedication really do pay off.” – Olivia C, Redken Artist, The Headroom Salon and Spa

The Proper Foundation for a Successful and Rewarding Career

“Woodford truly gave me the proper foundation for a successful and rewarding career. I knew that hairstyling and the beauty industry is where I would be happy, but wasn't sure how I could turn that into a living. Since finishing my trade education with Woodford, I have discovered that the sky is the limit – there are so many options of what to do after graduation.

Personally, I love being behind the chair and working with clients. It is so rewarding to see my artistic talent make other people happy (and to make money at it!). Not only that, I have had the opportunity of traveling with my trade to further education including London, England. I’ve met and learned from some of the top celebrity stylists in the world, and working with a colour company that helps support my education and passion further.

Getting a solid basis to start hairstyling was of the utmost importance to me, and without the training I received at Woodford, I wouldn't be where I am today. I graduated in 2011, started work at a top salon the same year, and have since been Red Seal Certified. I would recommend Woodford to anyone who is considering a career in the beauty industry.” – Kayla S, Student

They Teach You Everything You Need to Know

“I started at Woodford Training Centre in September of 2006 to pursue my career as an aesthetician. As I started there that first morning, not knowing a single soul, it didn’t take long and we were all like family. Sharon and all the staff at WTC were so helpful and welcoming! In this 42-week program I learned so much: everything from salon and spa management to body treatments, as well as makeup and waxing. In June of 2007, I graduated the Aesthetics Program and worked in this field for two years, while I was working in a salon in Ontario and realized my love for hairstyling.

In January of 2009 I called Sharon and said I’m thinking of coming home. I knew there was no other place I wanted to do my training! So that March I packed my bags and moved home to start my hairstyling career. So here I was starting my “first” day again at the Woodford Training Centre with the same feelings as the first, but it took no time again to get to know everybody, and it felt like family. I loved the Hairstyling Program. I’m a hands-on learner and you get to do so much hands-on styling, colouring, foiling, and cutting – both on mannequins and on clients. In February of 2010 I graduated, and went from a part-time assistant to full-time stylist at a high-end, busy salon in downtown St. John’s.

In 2012 my clientele had been established. I moved salons to become a chair renter. I am now a self-employed salon owner. Then in March 2013, I went back to Woodford for a week’s training to complete my Red Seal (journeypersons) Certification, which includes a practical and written exam. When this was completed I was certified as a Professional Hairstylist Journeyperson!

I totally recommend WTC. They’re very helpful with teaching what you need to know before starting in each field, job finding, and everywhere in between along the way!” – Bailey S, Student

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